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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.


How Mynewskdesk discovered one of their most powerful sales tools

As a tech driven business, Mynewsdesk was looking to provide their sales team with tools that would make their sales process faster and more efficient.

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How LiiD gave LuxCarta full visibility and control over their Salesforce

LuxCarta decided to adopt Salesforce as their CRM as a means to track all their sales activities.

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How Lyyti was able to acquire "full visibility" over their sales team

Lyyti was looking for an easy and efficient way to track the number of outbound calls their salespeople were making. 

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How LiiD helps Sovelto serve their customers better

The company had come to realize that their salespeople had difficulties with registering all their sales activities into their CRM. 

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