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Ensure all your call activity is in Salesforce 

For teams doing mobile sales calls, this is a must-have.

automatically log calls in salesforce

Log calls to Salesforce automatically

Salestrail automatically logs all of your inbound and outbound sales calls into Salesforce, saving you time, effort, and bother. And if you are choosy, we let you manually log the calls you want to keep and discard the rest. 

automatically log calls to salesforce

Caller ID 

Built in Caller ID which shows who is calling based on your Salesforce Contacts.

caller id feature shows who is calling

Add notes with voice

After each call you'll be able to quickly and effectively take notes on exactly what you discussed using speech-to-text. These notes automatically go to Salesforce so that you and your team never lose track of what you have been discussing in each call.

Add sales comments with speech-to-text

Know Every Aspect

Track the duration of the call, weather it was answered or declined and weather it was inbound or outbound to better understand and manage the way your team works.

track call duration
Intuitive salesforce workflow

Start Your Salesforce Workflow After Every Call

After each call Salestrail urges you to set up the next task and mark any previous tasks as done, ensuring you always follow up on your prospects. These tasks will show up in the app as well as in Salesforce, giving you and your team a full view on your tasks and progress.

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective?

Salestrail is more than just application - with our app, you start loving your CRM