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Automatically log calls in Salesforce

Salestrail automatically logs all of your phone calls to Salesforce without you lifting a finger.

Well, unless you really want to choose which calls to log to Salesforce, you have the option to do so with Salestrail too. 

What exactly Salestrail can log: 

  • Type of calls: inbound v outbound, answered v unanswered, opportunity v cient, you name it. 
  • Call duration: with accurate data on the time you spent talking on the phone, you'll know how long is too long. 
  • Call disposition: notes, follow-ups scheduled, etc. 
automatically log calls in salesforce

Activate Caller ID for Salesforce®

Isn't it great to be able to greet your potential buyer first on the phone, instead of seeing a strange phone number? 

Stay on top of your prospects with our built-in Caller ID that matches incoming calls with your contacts, leads and opportunities in Salesforce platform. 

Always in the know when on the phone.

Incoming Call Screen 5.5 – 1

100% accurate data on your sales activities 

Salestrail's automatic call logging keeps you up-to-date with call activity history - inbound calls and outbound calls, call duration, relevant notes and call disposition - to provide real-time support and feedback for your sales reps. 

Data-backed sales cycle planning and training to optimize your team performance. 


Know every as[ect

Add notes with voice

After each call you'll be able to quickly and effectively take notes on exactly what you discussed using speech-to-text. These notes automatically go to your Salesforce CRM so that you and your team never lose track of what you have been discussing in each call.

Add sales comments with speech-to-text


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Power Your Salespeople to Sell More Today

Salestrail is every salesperson's best assistant - with our support, you'll start using your CRM to close more deals.

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