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Multiply your leads in Salesforce from emails

What if you don’t have to keep going through your inbox in order to create new leads?

Salestrail’s domain match feature automatically generates a list of potential contacts to add to Salesforce, right on your mobile. 

Generate new leads from emails

Simple & easy lead management


Manually adding new contacts for your sales cases can be a drag, and thus, easily forgotten. Use Salestrail's lead suggestion list to keep Salesforce updated in a blink. Less time on admin is more investment in deals! 

Full Account Profile

Do you know all the contacts associated with this account? And who has been most active? Have all important information in your account profile to close and renew more deals. 

Gmail & Outlook Sync

Integrate seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook. Salestrail fetches your email history into one thread. Who initiated the conversation, what they are mainly interested in. Access your previous emails in one view.   

Add custom fields to your contacts

Not every customer is the same. Salestrail allows you to create custom fields to capture valuable information about your opportunities.  Even better, you can also add speech-to-text notes, schedule tasks to speed up your sales cycle.

Salestrail’s two-way sync with Google and Outlook for Salesforce makes data capture easy and actionable for your whole sales team. 

Add custom fields to new account or leads

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Salestrail is more than just application - with our app, you start loving the Salesforce platform.

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