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How LiiD gave LuxCarta full visibility and control over their Salesforce


About Luxcarta

LuxCarta focuses on the creation and delivery of geodata for the global telecom, navigation and other vertical markets. As experts in cartography and software development, they specialize in delivering quality fit-for-purpose products and services to non-specialist and expert end users.


The situation before 

LuxCarta hasr ecently invested more heavily in sales automation and related processes. LuxCarta decided to adopt Salesforce as their CRM as a means to track all their sales activities. Initially, their salespeople strived to log all their sales activities manually into their CRM, however, this quickly became problematic. A number of phones calls were missing from their CRM, updating their activities consumed too much time and distracted their salespeople from more important tasks.

Key benefits

  • 100% of sales activities logged to Salesforce
  • Time-saving
  • Full visibility over sales team

The situation after

Josue Molina, Sales Director, wanted to automate data capture and make the life of his salespeople easier. He knew it was important to document the company’s sales activities and log them into Salesforce in order to manage their customer relationships better. Molina began his search for a solution by looking for a mobile application that could track sales activities to Salesforce. Through a Google search, he discovered LiiD and realized that this was exactly the kind of app that he was looking for. It didn’t take long for LuxCarta to embrace the app. LiiD is intuitive and is designed for simplicity, which is why the sales team was able to start using LiiD right away without any training.

LiiD is a great and friendly tool that saves time and gives me full visibility over our sales team! ” – Josue Molina, Sales Director

Currently, LuxCarta has ten of their salespeople using LiiD and they have more sales data available in their CRM than ever before. With LiiD they can finally see what everyone is doing, how each account team member is performing and address challenges regarding sales activities easily. In addition, managing customer relationships has improved. As a business, LiiD has helped LuxCarta take control of their CRM and better manage their customer relationships. 

I am very happy with LiiD. The people over there are very proactive and always eager to help. They understood our problem and fixed it even before I was able to call them about it! It was a very human approach, I’m very satisfied with the app and will continue to use LiiD.” – Josue Molina, Sales Director

“LiiD is a great and friendly tool that saves time and gives me full visibility over our sales team!”


Josue Molina
Sales Director, LuxCarta

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