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Full visibility over your sales team

Are your sales reps on track to hit their monthly target? Visualize sales timeline and manage the sales cycle with our AI-powered mobile app for Salesforce. 

full visibility over Sales team

Real-time data coaching

Get moment-to-moment insights into how your team could perform better and provide real-time feedback that brings in more deals.

Instant data logging to Salesforce
Access to previous sales activities at one go
Course-correcting for optimal sales results
Real time data couching

Drive more activities

Transparency in sales cycle and sales activities helps sales reps plan, organize and track their performance. With Salestrail, your sales team always have a plan to beat the next target.  

Calls Tracking
Email Tracking
Meeting Tracking
Two-way calendar syncing
KPI Dashboards

More accurate CRM reporting

Have a data-rich CRM means greater sales velocity and a more effective sales process. Salestrail provides non-negotiable data for Salesforce to generate an accurate view of your sales cycle.  

Improve Teams Peformance with sales activity insights – 1

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Salestrail is more than just application - with our app, you start loving the Salesforce platform.

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