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Make Salesforce works for your sales team

The data in your Salesforce matters as much as the CRM itself. And inaccurate data is just as dangerous as no data  💣.

Salestrail automates your sales activity capture process, ensuring 100% calls, emails, events are logged to Salesforce. Without your sales reps lifting a finger.  

Measure what's working and scale winning strategies

Scale the best sales practices

Increasing Salesforce user adoption among your sales team means better data analytics. 

Know how far you are from the quarterly target and what to do to get there.  Gain insightful data points on activities that bring in more deals and cut down on energy-draining activities for sales reps. 

Accurate data collection
Real-time reporting of sales performance
A breakdown of sales activity into call duration, number of pickups, the number of emails sent, etc.
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Customizable to what works for you and your team

Salestrail allows users to trigger automatic workflows within a few clicks and has customizable options. Focus on doing what works for you.



Custom fields and forms

Add additional fields and forms in the app to capture data that is valuable for your team.

Automatic workflows

Choose what type of workflows you'd like to have after an answered call or a meeting with a potential lead. 

Sales cycle optimization

Fine-tuning every aspect of your sales process from a clear view of which sales activities are driving success. Eliminate guesswork and close deals faster with accurate data points.  

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Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Salestrail is more than just application - with our app, you start loving the Salesforce platform.

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