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Loved by salespeople 

We have been heavy users since the beta release and having your activities in Salesforce has never been easier. I love the feature where you can have your personal tasks right at your fingertips. You never miss a thing. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep track of sales activities.

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Peter Grant
CEO, Cloudapps

In addition to an innovative mobile application, we are very satisfied with the level of customer service and their genuine interest in responding to our requests. The best Salesforce experience so far!

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Lauri Hyry
Salesforce user since 2010

With the solution, our sales reps have the opportunity to work on mobiles, make sure all sales activities are up-to-date and now we don't miss any sales opportunities due to human mistakes. 

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Nina Lallukka
Country Manager, Mynewsdesk

We were looking for a plugin to save us time on inputting all our Business Card info, into our CRM.  We tried a few products, but for interface, functionality and ease of use, this was the clear winner and Maria has also been great to work with.

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Stuart Goldwater
Director, PragmatiQ Solutions Ltd

Our customers. Their stories

Discover how our clients have increased sales productivity, effectiveness and sales revenue with Salestrail.


How Bannerflow supports their growing sales team with Salestrail: "It's not another tool that salespeople have to use." 

With a growing sales team, Bannerflow is faced with a challenge in transparency in sales activities and scaling sales best practices among new hires. Especially in the times of working from home, it is a drag for sales reps to log their sales activities in Salesforce for reporting purposes, sales managers find it exhausting to keep up what is going on among their sales teams.

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Key Benefits:

  • More transparency for growing teams
  • Enabled focus when working on mobile phones
  • Adding notes with speech-to text
  • Scheduling follow-ups after every call/ meeting
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How Vectra increases process rigor and data quality to go big with Salestrail: "We need to understand what's working and what's not working"

According to a report, it takes around 1  hour / day for a sales rep to do manual admin work. That means 350 hours / week not spent on selling for a team of 50 sales reps.  In addition, manual data input practices are highly subject to errors. For the last few years, Vectra's sales teams' activity was misrepresented in Salesforce, which makes sales forecasting, sales cycle optimization and coaching less effective.  

However, their search for a sales activity capture tool was not easy. Vectra wanted a mobile solution that logs calls, emails and events automatically to Salesforce for their team, but most options on the market didn't seem to offer the full functionality. 

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Key Benefits:

  • Sales pipeline attribution thanks to the transparency of the whole sales process
  • Creating leads/opportunities/accounts from phone book or business card
  • Custom Salesforce objects and fields
  • Salestrail's easy use helped high user adoption
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How Lyyti was able to acquire "full visibility" over their sales team 

Lyyti was looking for an easy and efficient way to track the number of outbound calls their salespeople were making. It was important for them that the amount of outbound calls were kept at a certain level, so that they could measure how many calls were needed in order to book a meeting, and how many were needed to close a deal. Logging all of their calls manually into their Salesforce everyday was challenging and they were in need of the possibility to track and update their sales activities on the go.

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Key Benefits:

  • Logging calls automatically to Salesforce
  • Drive activity
  • Full visibility over the sales team
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How LiiD helps Sovelto serve their customers better 

The company had come to realize that their salespeople had difficulties with registering all their sales activities into their CRM. The salespeople were communicating mostly via smartphones and were often out of the office. This meant that they were not able to update their activities into their CRM for very understandable reasons. 

  1. They had no easy access from their smartphones to their CRM outside of the office
  2. Logging sales activities into a CRM took a lot of time
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Key Benefits:

  • At least 5x more data in the CRM
  • Quick to add notes while on the go
  • Easy access to reliable customer data
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