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Automatically log  Whatsapp calls 

Salestrail automatically logs your Whatsapp calls to any system you like - including a cloud-based dashboard.

Capture 100% of your Whatsapp calls

  • Type of calls: inbound & outbound, answered & unanswered
  • Call duration: with accurate data on the time you spent talking on the phone, you'll know how long is too long. 
  • Call history: you can load your call history with our call log app, ensured that you have your call log backup.

#1 WhatsApp Call Tracking App for Salespeople

Dashboard showing Whatsapp calls

The best Android app for tracking Whatsapp calls

Everything is made so that the calls are logged seamlessly . Dial out of your regular Whatsapp app – The calls will be visible in the Salestrail call tracking app as well as in the analytics dashboard.

  • Set business hours for automatic call logging 
  • Mark your calls as private and they won’t be logged
  • View your call logs by date/ phone numbe

Tracking of Whatsapp calls is an Android only feature. The feature is not available on iOS. Everything is made so that the calls are logged seamlessly - without you lifting a finger. 

App screen- Tracked calls + settings

In need of call recording?

Call recording is not available for Whatsapp. In order to record calls, use our Call recording feature for SIM calls or integrate our telephony solution. 

Call recording in app


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