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Sales Call Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Track your sales calls daily and weekly and learn how you can increase meeting rate.

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Closing Phrases pdf list

A List of Top Closing Phrases to Seal the Deal

Closing the deal is one of the most important parts in sales. If you don't close, you don't have a deal. Use our list of the top closing phrases for different situations to seal the deal. 

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List of Best Sales Enablement Software in 2019 in Excel

The criteria used in order to evaluate the suitability of the software for your sales team are price range, target market, availability of trial / freemium and rating on G2.

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10 Effective Sales Email Templates Guaranteed to Break the Ice - That We Actually Used

Sales Email Writing Checklist

The skilled and seasoned salespeople know half of the battle boils down to making the content short and sweet and focusing on adding value to the prospects’ inbox, followed by an easy ask. 

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sales kpis calculator

Sales KPIs Calculator Excel

Calculate how many meetings, proposals and deals you need every month from each sales rep to reach your annual target. Just type in your revenue goal, number of sales reps and deal size. 

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sales operations assessment template screenshot

Sales Assessment Template for Sales Directors

This sales template is created for sales leaders to appraise their current resources, and better plan to reach their sales targets for 2020!

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