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Create a Culture of Performance

Increase your Field Sales Teams' Performance at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle.

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Drive Growth by Automation

Our Product

Ensure data is logged and up-to-date

Our solution integrates seamlessly with the sales cloud, automatically logging 100% of your client calls, emails and events into Salesforce.

Drive activity with smart actions

Create a culture of performance! Our solution comes with
action buttons and alerts to push people towards excellence.

Make data capture intuitive and easy

Data is King! Use custom fields and workflows to track the info that’s most important to your team.

Plan activities to progress every deal

Ensure every sales activity takes your reps closer
to their target.

Increase the efficiency of your entire organization with Salestrail



Every second in sales counts. You were hired to sell, not to do data entry.
We'll track your phone calls, emails and meetings automatically to Salesforce and give you smart suggestions on what to do next. Less admin, more sales.

Sales operations

Imagine having data on every call made, every email sent and every meeting executed. The dream is real. 

We'll give you data to map the sales process, down to every pick-up.


CRM manager

Wouldn't it be awesome to improve Salesforce usage adoption?

By automating data entry, your users will enjoy the benefits of a data-rich CRM without spending time on manual logging.

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Ready to Make your Entire Team More Effective?

Salestrail is more than just an application - with our app, you'll start loving Salesforce.