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Create a Culture of Performance.
Track 100% of Sales Data in Salesforce

Salestrail is the easiest way to track sales activity, build better pipeline and close more deals. 

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All-in-One app to increase your performance.

An AI sales assistant that helps track your activity and close more deals.

“This is a great app to regain control of your sales teams' sales pipeline. I use the data generated by the solution to better understand my overall sales pipeline development, improve forecasting and identify which opportunities aren't getting enough attention”

Einar Toivonen

Einar Toivonen
Sales Director, Kone Corporation

Opportunity management view for Salesforce
I do a lot of prospecting and direct customer communication using my smartphone. Before, my day was full of unpleasant routines that took time from the most important work: sales and time with clients. This solution makes my work more fun and motivating. At the same timeI produce reliable data that helps me to follow up and analyze my own work.
Monica Nyman-Korhonen

Monica Nyman-Korhonen
Business Development Manager, Mynewsdesk

Salesforce Task management view
We were looking for a plugin to save us time on inputting all our Business Card info, into our CRM.  We tried a few products, but for interface, functionality and ease of use, this was the clear winner and they have also been great to work with.”
Stuart Goldwater

Stuart Goldwater
Director, PragmatiQ Solutions Ltd

Salesforce business card scanner

We create habits. Good ones.

Increase Visibility. Enhance Productivity. Win More.  

How to drive activity

Drive activity

Create a culture of performance! Our solution comes with action buttons and  alerts to push people towards excellence.

importance of planning

Plan ahead

Ensure every phone call takes your reps closer to their target. In sales sometimes it's the routine. 

build effective pipeline

Build better pipeline

Hone your sales process to increase your conversion rate. Our solution focuses sales efforts on the right cases. 

Automatically log phone calls to salesforce

Track sales activities

Our solution integrates seamlessly with the sales cloud, automatically logging 100% of your client calls, emails and events into Salesforce.

Increase data on sales activity

Capture data

Data is King! Use custom fields and workflows to track the info that’s most important to your team. 

successful performance

Celebrate success

Create a winning culture! Our solution analyses your salespeople's performance and highlights successful behaviour.

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Increase the efficiency of your entire organization with Salestrail



Every second in sales counts. You were hired to sell, not to do data entry.
We'll track your phone calls, emails and meetings automatically to Salesforce and give you smart suggestions on what to do next. Less admin, more sales.
sales analytics

Sales operations

Imagine having data on every call made, every email sent and every meeting executed. The dream is real. 

We'll give you data to map the sales process, down to every pick-up.

automatic data entry

CRM manager

Wouldn't it be awesome to improve Salesforce usage adoption?

By automating data entry, your users will enjoy the benefits of a data-rich CRM without spending time on manual logging.

See Salestrail for yourself.

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