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Track your remote sales teams' call performance

Salestrail is an easy-to-use solution for sales professionals to automatically log calls. Measure the efficiency of your call activity accurately and get data on metrics important to you.

  • A mobile app to capture & record SIM calls and Whatsapp calls. VOIP / Telephony integration also available.
  • A cloud-based analytics dashboard that shows call statistics, call performance and audio recordings
  • API access and option to connect to your CRM or ERP.
  • Ready-made integrations for Salesforce, Hubspot and Leadsquared.
  • Easy access, no technical implementation 

The No 1 in mobile call tracking software. 


Call monitoring dashboard

This is Salestrail

Cloud based dashboard + Android and iOS app

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 min

Affordable pricing
only few dollars per month

Tracks regular SIM calls and WhatsApp call - No need for VOIP

Customizable reports & excel exports

API integration for connecting to CRM

How it works

Get started without any technical hassle.

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Create free account

to access the dashboard.

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Invite co-workers

to join Salestrail and start tracking calls.

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Ensure the mobile app is installed

on your colleagues' phone for automatic call tracking.

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Monitor call performance

Voila! Now you can easily keep track of your teams' call activity. 

An app to log mobile calls automatically

Salestrail works seamlessly on your Android and iOS devices. Automatic call logging keeps you well-updated with your call activity history and performance. 

  • Log incoming and outgoing SIM and Whatsapp calls
  • Record phone calls (Android only)
  • Choose which calls you want to automatically log
  • View your call logs by date
  • Set up your business hours


Call tracking on mobile phone

Call recording for Android and iOS

Record any phone call you want and listen to the recording in the app or in the dashboard

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls automatically
  • Listen to, manage and share your recordings
  • Access all old recordings in the dashboard and share with the right people
  • On Android we offer recording of SIM / GSM calls
  • On iOS you need to use our telephony integration to record calls.
Call recording dashboard and app

An intuitive call analytics dashboard to show call performance metrics

Create a culture of performance! Highlight successful performance and let your best sales stars shine bright and set the example. The Salestrail Dashboard offers a wide range of metrics on your teams' call performance. 

  • Analyze number of outbound, inbound and missed calls
  • Compare call performance among your sales reps
  • Measure total time  salespeople spend on the phone
  • Customize reports according to your needs
  • Export Excel call reports 


Overview of call performance dashbaord

Sales-based team and user management

Create teams and allow specific people to follow the data of the teams they need to access to. Drill down to check call analytics data for specific teams, people and time period

  • Create teams that mirror your sales organization
  • Give people access to the data they need
Team management view

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 min

The only thing you need to do to get started with call tracking is to Sign up on the analytics dashboard and download the app. Invite your team by giving them your organizations sign-up link or by sending them email invitations from the dashboard. As you will be using your normal mobile SIM carrier for calling, you will not have to change your phone number or the SIM card. The call works just like it has done before.

"Tracks regular SIM calls and Whatsapp calls
- No need for VOIP"

Call dashboard signup 2

API integration and data exports

Looking to connect Salestrail to your CRM? Automate your CRM call tracking with Salestrail API and get your sales data to any database you want!

Or prefer to export the data to excel – That works as well.

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no technical implementation

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Less time wasted, less data lost - #1 mobile call tracking solution for remote sales teams 

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