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Track your remote sales teams' call performance

Salestrail is an easy-to-use solution for sales professionals to automatically track calls. Measure the efficiency of your call activity accurately and get data on metrics important to you.

  • A mobile app to capture incoming and outgoing calls
  • An analytics dashboard that shows call statistics
  • API access and option to connect to your CRM or ERP.
  • Easy access, no technical implementation 

The No 1 in mobile call tracking software. 

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An app to track mobile calls automatically

Salestrail's automatic call logging keeps you well-updated with your call activity history and performance. Your salespeople can choose to make calls from within the app with the native dialer or by just making calls the way they'd normally do - all calls are captured.

Users have the option to disregard private calls and can manage with whom they share their call log data. Getting real-time sales call analytics couldn't be easier.

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A call analytics dashboard to show performance metrics 


Create a culture of performance! Highlight successful performance and let your best sales stars shine bright and set the example. The Salestrail dashboard offers a wide range of metrics on your teams' call performance. 

Call metrics

Number of outbound, inbound and missed calls. Analyze and compare performance among your sales reps.

Total duration

Measure the total time your salespeople spend on the phone. Understand and optimize calling. 

Activity trends

Understand which times are best for calling.

No technical implementation. No extra costs.

Salestrail is easy to setup and you can do it in less than a minute. The solution logs your normal SIM calls, which means your salespeople can continue using their phone as they normally do. There´s no need to change your number or go through the hassle of switching to a VOIP or CTI provider.

no technical implementation

4 easy steps to get started

No technical implementation. No extra costs. No changes in the way you work.

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Install Salestrail on your phone from AppStore or Playstore.

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Log into your online Dashboard

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Invite your colleagues. Seriously, the more the merrier!

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View your team´s call stats! Your team stats are now automatically tracked


Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Less time wasted, less data lost - #1 mobile call tracking solution for remote sales teams 

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