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Log all your calendar events to Salesforce

Keep Salesforce in sync with your hectic schedule. 

Use Salestrail to automatically sync your Google calendar or Outlook calendar with Salesforce, and stay on track with your upcoming meetings. See  all of your meetings’ details - place, time, agenda and participants in one view. 

  • Google calendar sync
  • Outlook calendar sync
  • Custom fields and objects for your sales meetings
Activity View in Salesforce

Automatically log your events to Salesforce® and add notes

Add relevant notes for meetings to plan your follow-ups and have all data logged into Salesforce without having to switch between devices. Simple and easy-to-use Salesforce event management! 

  • Speech-to-text notes 
  • Reminders of upcoming meetings 
  • Task list 
  • Customizable Salesforce workflows 
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Match event subject with event type in Salesforce®

No more spending your precious time on hand-picking the events you want to log.

Salestrail allows you to match the event subject with event type in Salesforce®, easily remembering your meeting’s type - online or offline, sales or technical.

Match event subject with event type


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Power Your Salespeople to Sell More Today

Salestrail is every salesperson's best assistant - with our support, you start using your data-rich CRM to close more deals.

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