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How LiiD helps Sovelto serve their customers better

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About Sovelto

Sovelto provides training in the areas of leadership, technologies, knowledge work, well-being and productivity using various delivery methods such as, classroom based, online and self paced learning.


The situation before

Sovelto migrated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in 2014. Currently, the company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a sales tool to support and estimate their sales. However, when they first started using Microsoft Dynamics, the company had come to realize that their salespeople had difficulties with registering all their sales activities into their CRM. The salespeople were communicating mostly via smartphones and were often out of the office. This meant that they were not able to update their activities into their CRM for very understandable reasons.

  1. They had no easy access from their mobile phones to their CRM outside of the office
  2. Logging sales activities into a CRM took a lot of time

As a result, Sovelto was not able to gather the sales data which they found to be valuable and which would provide them with essential customer insight. Furthermore, without reliable and up-to-date data, the aim of managing their customer relationships became skewed.

Key Benefits

  • At least 5x more data in the CRM
  • Quick to add notes while on the go
  • Easy access to reliable customer data

The situation after

Director Michael Holm was aware of the problem Sovelto had with their CRM and was in search of a solution. Holm heard about LiiD from a client of theirs and wanted to test out the solution. Over the next several days, Holm tried the app and concluded that LiiD was exactly the kind of application which would be able to solve Sovelto’s problems with their CRM.

We were looking for a sales tool that would allow us to serve our customer better and then we found LiiD. ” – Michael Holm

Holm loved how easy it was to track activities to contacts or opportunities without any real manual effort. Updating the CRM with various types of information right after a meeting or call was quick, simple and straightforward. With LiiD, Holm was able to update his CRM on the go and move on to his next task.

Our salespeople really loved the speech-to-text function in the phone and found it very convenient to use with LiiD.” – Michael Holm

Following Holm’s trial, Sovelto tested the app with two more employees. After a trial period of two weeks, they were sold. Currently, approximately 20 people in the company use LiiD, ranging from key account managers to salespeople.

The addition of the LiiD app enabled the salespeople at Sovelto to save valuable time and to focus more on sales and the customer, while having quick access to reliable and up-to-date data. With LiiD, Sovelto’s CRM became more effective and accessible and their goal to serve their customers even better was achieved. In addition, Holm stated that to this day, more than 200 meetings and 2000 calls have been registered to their CRM through LiiD on a monthly basis.

We have at least 5x more data in the CRM now!” – Michael Holm

“We were looking for a sales tool that would allow us to serve our customer better and then we found LiiD. 

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Michael Holm
Director, Sovelto

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