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Why log calls, emails, events manually when it can be done automatically?

Drop the boring admin and focus your selling efforts on the right customers. 

Use mobile app Salestrail to keep Salesforce clean and fresh, while planning your sales activities to close more deals.   

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Automatic data logging to Salesforce

Have all of your sales activity logged to Salesforce automatically - from emails, calls, meetings to updates and notes. With built-in features that make data entry like a piece of cake.

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Email and Calendar Syncing

What’s the conversation history? Do you know the key information and selling features for your lead What are the follow-up tasks to move the deal forward? Salestrail’s two-way sync with Gmail and Outlook keeps you on track with your meetings.

Activity per rep

Speech-to-text note-taking

Too busy to note down your meeting essentials? Do it hands-free in your own language while moving to your next meeting. Salestrail supports voice note-taking in 64 languages!   

Speech to text note taking

Business Card Scanner

Do you have enough information on your leads? What if he/ she likes a special type of coffee? Use business card scanner to instantly create new accounts and add custom fields with useful insights to Salesforce. All in a few clicks.

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Business card scanner

Access to your leads and contacts anywhere

Salestrail connects your mobile device with Salesforce CRM platform and keeps you in the loop and in motion.

Access leads and contacts anywhere

Caller ID

Stay on top of your prospects with our built-in Caller ID that matches incoming calls with your contacts, leads and opportunities in Salesforce platform.  Always in the know when on the phone.

Caller ID

Call lists

What if you can easily view a list of your most potential leads on your phone? With Salestrail, you can plan on the next steps and follow up right on your mobile.

Call Lists

Smart reminders and suggestions

Create a culture of performance. Our solution comes with action buttons and instant feedback alerts to push people towards excellence.

Trigger customized Salesforce workflows 
Stay updated on your upcoming meetings
Smart Reminders and Suggestions

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

Salestrail is more than just application - with our app, you start loving the Salesforce platform.

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