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Looking to connect Salestrail to your CRM? 

Automate your CRM call tracking with Salestrail API and get your sales data to any database you want!


Connect with your favorite apps & software

Capture and collect all the information you need to wherever you want

Automatic sales activity reporting 

Generate sales reports on your activity-based metrics with call details, conversion rate, etc 

Keep all your data in one place 

If your sales teams are using many tools to assist your sales process, our API allows you to push your data to your central database.

Trigger custom workflows in realtime

Want to create custom workflows in to capture sales data to your CRM? Require your sales reps to add notes after every call and meeting easily. 

Design your own dashboard

Salestrail gives you full control over your data. If you want to build your own dashboards or see your sales numbers in existing BI or reporting tools, our API allows you to pull out all the data you need.

Save time with integrations that we currently have


salesforce integration


Track your sales data to any Salesforce objects you want.

gmail integration


Auto-sync your Gmail inbox / outbox calendar events to CRM easily.

microsoft dynamics integration

Microsft Dynamics 365

Automatically capture your sales activity and custom workflows to Microsoft Dynamics.

outlook integration


Auto-sync your Outlook emails and events to CRM easily.

Can't find what you want?

Reach out to us to discuss integration to your preferred systems now.

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