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Get your call recordings right into Salesforce®

Salestrail is the the number one call recording software for remote teams and outside sales teams that are using their smartphone for calling. The solution allows you to record regular cell calls as well as Whatsapp calls The best thing about it - It works with Salesforce.

👉Automatic call recorder for the SIM calls made on your Android devices.

👉Automatic call recorder for Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business calls made on your Android devices.

👉Choose the calls you want to record with manual recording mode. 

👉Search for call recordings by phone number, sales reps name, date, etc.
👉Cloud-based dashboard for analyzing call data.

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Record calls with your Salesforce® leads and contacts

Automatic call recording doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can record your normal SIM calls without any technical implementation. 

  • Record interactions made with Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Listen to recordings in a cloud-based dashboard
  • 100% accuracy - trustworthy data points for your business decisions

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Use Call recording to improve client communication

  • Make every call better than the last one by listening to your recordings and refine your pitch. 
  • Gain insights into what works and what doesn’t to quickly improve sales performance. 
  • Share important customer insights with other departments: Product, Marketing, C-suite, etc 
  • Keep records of your phone communications with your customers.

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Record calls made on Mobile and integrate with Salesforce®

Salestrail is every salesperson's best assistant - with our support,
you start using your data-rich CRM to close more deals

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