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Get your call recordings right into Salesforce®

Salestrail is the #1 sales call recording software for remote teams and outside sales teams. The best thing about it - It works with Salesforce.

👉Automatic call recorder for the SIM calls made on your Android devices.

👉Choose the calls you want to record with manual recording mode. 

👉Search for call recordings by phone number, sales reps name, date, etc.
👉Cloud-based dashboard for analyzing call data.

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Record calls with your Salesforce® leads and contacts

Automatic call recording doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can record your normal SIM calls without any technical implementation. 

  • Record interactions made with Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Listen to recordings in a cloud-based dashboard
  • 100% accuracy - trustworthy data points for your business decisions

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Use Call recording to improve client communication

  • Make every call better than the last one by listening to your recordings and refine your pitch. 
  • Gain insights into what works and what doesn’t to quickly improve sales performance. 
  • Share important customer insights with other departments: Product, Marketing, C-suite, etc 
  • Keep records of your phone communications with your customers.

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Record calls made on Mobile and integrate with Salesforce®

Salestrail is every salesperson's best assistant - with our support,
you start using your data-rich CRM to close more deals

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