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Want to know what your sales reps say in a call?

Salestrail is the #1 sales call recording software for remote teams and outside sales teams. 

  • Automatic call recorder for the SIM calls made on your mobile devices.
  • Choose the calls you want to record with manual recording mode. 
  • Search for call recordings by phone number, sales reps name, date, etc.
  • Cloud-based dashboard for analyzing call data.

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Let Salestrail help you

Secure & compliant cloud storage for call recordings

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 min

Affordable - Starting at 2$ / user per month

Coach effective conversations to new and current sellers

Automatically log and save records of all calls between reps and prospects

API integration for connecting to CRM

How it works

Get started without any technical hassle.

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Create free account

to access the dashboard.

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Invite co-workers

to join Salestrail and start auto-logging calls.

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Ensure the mobile app is installed

on your coworkers' phone for automatic call logging & recording

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Monitor call performance

Voila! Now you can easily keep track of your teams' call activity, analyze and improve performance. 

Automatically record sales calls easily - without VOIP implementation

Automatic call logging doesn’t have to be a hassle.

  • Capture your client interactions on less traditional channel like Whatsapp 
  • No more manual logging in an Excel sheet 
  • Less time wasted - more talk time with your customers 
  • 100% accuracy - trustworthy data points for your business decisions

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A simple way to

  • Make every call better than the last one by listening to your recordings and refine your pitch. 
  • Gain insights into what works and what doesn’t to quickly improve sales performance. 
  • Share important customer insights with other department: Product, Marketing, C-suite, etc 
  • Keep records of your phone communications with your customers.

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