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Recording your own voice during the call

Monitoring call performance statistics is great, but sometimes you'll want the voice recording too. Worry not, Salestrail comes with call recording capabilities for all needs. 

The benefits of one-sided call recording

  • No need to implement VOIP or cloud-telephony
  • Call from your regular cell number by using the Android dial pad
  • Great call quality as you are not relying on Internet
  • Highly cost-efficient solution
  • No need to get call recording permission from the other party on the call


Call recording screen

Use voice recording to improve sales calls

  • Make every call better than the last one by listening to your recordings and refine your pitch. 
  • Gain insights into what works and what doesn’t to quickly improve sales performance. 
  • Share important customer insights with other departments: Product, Marketing, C-suite, etc 
  • Keep records of your phone communications with your customers.
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Record  cell calls and Whatsapp calls
– use your regular mobile number

Automatic call recording doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can record your normal SIM calls without any technical implementation. It takes less than a minute to get started and only requires you to give the app a few access permissions.

  • Initiate the call from your regular Android dial pad or from the Salestrail app
  • Choose to record calls manually or automatically 
  • When recording calls made with your regular SIM/GSM number we offer one sided recording, meaning you will hear your own voice.
  • Listen to recordings in a cloud-based dashboard or integrate to your CRM using our ready integrations for Salesforce, Hubspot or Leadsquared or integrate to your custom CRM using our API

This feature is available on Android only. For iOS, you need to use our telephony integration, which comes with number masking and will record both sides of the conversation

Call recording in app

Record  your own voice when on a SIM call

The benefits of Salestrail's one-sided recording feature is that it is cost-efficient and easy to get started: You use your regular cell number, initiate the call out of your phone's dial panel and use your normal cell carrier while on the phone.

The downside is that you are only guaranteed to hear your own voice on the audio recording. 

  • Record interactions made through your normal dial pad and with your regular mobile carrier.
  • Record Whatsapp calls & Whatsapp Business calls.
  • We offer one sided recording, meaning you will hear your own voice. On some devices it is possible to hear the other person's voice, but we cannot guarantee this functionality

    To record calls on iOS or to record both parties of the conversation, check out  call recording through out telephony solution. 


Record call on cell

Use our telephony integration to record both sides of the conversation

  • Record the full conversation on both iOS and Android
  • Toll free numbers, International numbers and number masking. 
  • Access recordings instantly  in the cloud-based dashboard



Call recording dashboard and app

Let Salestrail help you

Secure & compliant cloud storage for call recordings

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 min

Affordable - Starting at $2 / user per month

Automatically log and save records of all calls between reps and prospects


Coach effective conversations to new and current sellers

API integration for connecting to CRM

How it works

Get started without any technical hassle.

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Create free account

to access the dashboard.

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Invite co-workers

to join Salestrail and start auto-logging calls.

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Ensure the mobile app is installed

on your coworkers' phone for automatic call logging & recording

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Monitor call performance

Voila! Now you can easily keep track of your teams' call activity, analyze and improve performance. 


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Call monitoring app

Elevate Sales Performance with Cutting-Edge Technology

Salestrail's call recording and tracking software is the ultimate tool for businesses aiming to refine their sales strategies. By offering comprehensive features like outbound call tracking and an automatic call tracker, we make it easier than ever to gather valuable insights.

Our state-of-the-art SIM-based call management system allow for unparalleled data accuracy and accessibility. You can trust Salestrail to be the backbone of your sales operations with our advanced call recording and monitoring software.

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

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