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Smart reminders and suggestions

Plan, organize and start your day with Salestrail’s smart reminders on upcoming tasks and meetings. Our two-way sync enables salespeople to be updated on their schedule, meeting agenda and venue. 

Start selling right away on your mobile phone with Salestrail’s smart suggestions on top call lists and untouched contacts. Always have a plan to hit the next target!

Smart Reminders and Suggestions ( smaller)

Caller ID

The Salesforce community is full of posts upvoting the Caller ID feature. And we got it! Stay professional and be well-prepared for your discussion with the potential buyers. Know who’s calling, history of activities and how to move the deal forward.

Caller ID

Salesforce List

Search for your Salesforce lists of contacts on the go, without switching to your laptop. Trigger automatic workflows easily or plan for follow-ups within just a few clicks.

Call Lists

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