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The best call monitoring solution for
mobile phones

Discover the ideal solution for sales teams making calls through mobile phones and WhatsApp, all while benefiting from powerful performance analytics


Call monitoring dashboard

Track and record cellular calls to our cloud-based analytics dashboard
and to your CRM

People tracking cell calls

Track SIM/GSM Calls

Dial from the native dialer on Android and have the call tracked automatically. Get data on Call performnace.

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Call recording on GSM

Record SIM/GSM Calls

One side
of the call will be recorded, meaning you cam record your own voice

Recording calls full conversation


Record both sides of the call

To be able to record the full conversation you need to use VOIP. Check out the laws regarding call recording before starting.

Tracking Whatsapp calls

Track Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business

If your sales team is using Whatsapp Business for calling our solution gives you a clear insight into calling behavior.

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This is Salestrail - The best call tracking software for sales

Auto-log and record mobile calls. Also Whatsapp.

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 minute

Affordable monthly and annual subscription

Cloud based dashboard + Android and iOS app 

Customizable reports & excel exports

API integration for connecting to CRM

How the call tracking solution works

Get started without any technical hassle.

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Create a free account

to access the dashboard.

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Invite co-workers

to join Salestrail and start tracking calls.

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Ensure the mobile app is installed

on your colleagues' phone for automatic call tracking.

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Monitor call performance

Voila! Now you can easily keep track of your teams' call activity. 

A data-driven way to improve your teams' call performance

How active is your sales team on the phone?
– View and analyze call details online anytime 
- Call duration, answering rates, active hours etc.

Who are your sales team calling?
- Use APIs to integrate with your CRM

What is your sales team saying?
– Use our call recording features to gain insight

How can your sales team improve performance?
– Customize charts according to your needs and check out the best time for calling

Want to capture call activity data to your CRM or any other system?

The possibilities are endless for you!

Track calls to custom CRM

Use our API to integrate with any system 

Integrate Salestrail with your inhouse CRM or any other system.

Track calls and recordings to Salesforce

Track calls to Salesforce

Automatically log all your sales calls to your Salesforce custom objects easily. Set up the Salesforce integration with just one click. 

Log calls and call recordings to Hubspot

Integrate Salestrail with Hubspot

Integrate Salestrail with Hubspot and listen to recordings right inside your CRM.

Auto log calls to Leadsquared

Connect Leadsquared

Automatically log all your sales calls and call recordings to Leadsquered Set up the  integration with just one click. 


More quality data, less time wasted. 100% of calls logged.

  • Reduce workload for your sales teams & agents
  • Build a data-rich CRM for smooth customer experience
  • Increase transparency among remote sales teams
  • Easily keep track of your most important activity-based metrics 
  • Scale your business with high-quality data points
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Know exactly how many calls your sales team did 

Less time wasted, less data lost – #1 mobile call tracking solution for remote sales teams.

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