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Automatically log emails to Salesforce®

Logging emails to Salesforce should not take as long as writing them. Salestrail automatically logs your inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce, enabling sales reps to check, answer and log emails on the go.  

If you are more selective about what you wish to log, manually choose the emails you want to log through the Salestrail app.

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View email history in one thread

All emails will be logged automatically in your Salesforce platform, easily accessible from your mobile device. You can also view past emails in one thread, knowing the whole back-and-forth conversation instantly.   

Quickly see all emails associated with your leads and contacts in one view.


Whole Conversation in one view

Never miss out on great opportunities

Create new contacts and opportunities from your email activity with Salestrail smart suggestions. Keep your Salesforce contacts up-to-date within seconds

Log email to salesforce manually


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Power Your Salespeople to Sell More Today

Salestrail is every salesperson's best assistant - with our support, you start using your data-rich CRM to close more deals

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