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Automatically log emails in Salesforce®

👉Log your outbound and inbound emails on the go 
👉100% compatible for Outlook and Gmail users 
👉Email exchange threaded on one view 
👉Bulk load your email history in a second 
👉Log single email as an individual task 
👉Advanced customizations that work your sales team 
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View email history in one thread 

Salestrail can automatically log emails in Salesforce as a thread, making it easy to follow the conversation with your prospects. 

  • Quickly see all emails associated with your leads in one view
  • Log emails as tasks to keep working on your cases 
Whole Conversation in one view

New leads suggestion based on email domain

Your prospect invited their colleagues to the sales meeting, and you forgot to add the new contacts to the account. Sounds familiar? We know, sales admin is a drag and the world of Salesforce is confusing sometimes. 

With Salestrail smart suggestions, you can create new contacts and opportunities from your email activity. Keep your Salesforce contacts up-to-date within seconds. Make email logging a delight again! 

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