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How Bannerflow supports their growing sales team with Salestrail

Vy Dang
3/18/21 2:03 PM

About Bannerflow

Bannerflow is a Creative Management Platform that enables in-house marketing teams to take control of their display ads. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bannerflow has been recognized as Deloitte Tech 50 and Financial Times FT1000 since 2016. As a fast-growing tech company in Sweden and Europe, Bannerflow’s sales teams are sure to keep expanding.


Key Benefits

  • More transparency for growing teams 
  • Enabled focus when working on mobile phones
  • Adding notes with speech-to text 
  • Scheduling follow-ups after every call / meeting

The Situation Before

Little accurate data means difficulty to improve sales performance

With a growing sales team, Bannerflow is faced with a challenge in transparency in sales activities and scaling sales best practices among new hires. Especially in the times of working from home, it is a drag for sales reps to log their sales activities in Salesforce for reporting purposes, sales managers find it exhausting to keep up what is going on among their sales teams.

The Situation After

More visibility, less distraction for growing teams 

"It’s not another tool that salespeople have to use. Even in a difficult time, a solution like Salestrail is critical to sales teams to keep track and stay focused."
Jan-Burger van Wyk, SDR Manager, Bannerflow

With Salestrail’s automatic activity logging functionality, the background admin work has already been handled. “It’s not another tool that salespeople have to use”, says Jan.

Bannerflow Q2

As the setup was very easy and straightforward, it didn’t take long for the Bannerflow team to place focus on the right activities.

“In the Software industry, it matters not only how much we are calling but also who we are calling. And Salestrail makes it so easy for us to be able to see clearly if we are focusing on the right thing, and course-correct”, shares Jan.

Especially with Salestrail’s customizable workflows to add notes right after every call or meeting, the transition of opportunities and onboarding new sales reps has become so much easier. Most importantly, it makes sure that valuable information is captured accurately and visible in the Salesforce CRM.

Bannerflow Q1
At a time of crisis Jan finds automatic activity logging especially important for sales teams. Salespeople  have to switch to working remotely due to the novel virus, and keeping focus is more difficult than ever.

“Even in a difficult time, a solution like Salestrail is critical to sales teams to keep track and stay focused”,
Jan concludes.

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