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Scaling for Success: How Vectra Partners with SalesTrail for Growth

Vy Dang
3/18/21 1:55 PM


Vectra is a fast-growth company providing AI-based network detection and response (NDR) solutions for cloud, data center and enterprise infrastructures in real time. Founded in 2011, Vectra quickly expanded into a team of 350 employees worldwide to serve a growing global market.

Key Benefits

  • Sales pipeline attribution thanks to the transparency of the whole sales process 
  • Creating leads / opportunities / accounts from phone book or business cards 
  • Custom Salesforce objects and fields
  • Salestrail’s easy use helped high user adoption

The Situation Before

Manual logging: high effort, low reward 

Vectra Q1

According to a report, it takes around 1  hour / day for a sales rep to do manual admin work. That means 350 hours / week not spent on selling for a team of 50 sales reps.  In addition, manual data input practices are highly subject to errors. For the last few years, Vectra's sales teams' activity was misrepresented in Salesforce, which makes sales forecasting, sales cycle optimization and coaching less effective.  

However, their search for a sales activity capture tool was not easy. Vectra wanted a mobile solution that logs calls, emails and events automatically to Salesforce for their team, but most options on the market didn't seem to offer the full functionality. 


The Situation After

400+ meetings, 500+ emails logged in Salesforce

Vectra Q2

When it comes to sales tools, technological adoption rate is one of the most common concerns. It is clear to us that a great tool, however modern and advanced, cannot make a huge impact if not used properly. That is why simplicity and ease of use are the key qualities for the Salestrail app. 

"For our sales teams, the setup process was simple and most of our sales reps didn't have a problem getting started. We were really impressed with how easy it was to start logging automatically", Micheal French, Senior Director of Business Operations, shared his experience with Salestrail. 

"Once Salestrail's logging functionality was turned on, our Salesforce data analysts were just overjoyed by what they saw. We can see how sales reps are working on their cases with 400+ meetings and 500+ emails logged. It's crazy to think that this is what we had been missing in the past few years", said Michael. 

Data-driven sales attribution to scale what works

As calls, emails and meetings are now logged automatically to leads, accounts and/or opportunities, it becomes easy to get an accurate whole picture of the sales process. For Vectra, that means information such as high-quality lead gen channels is more likely to be accurate and reliable, since the first point of touch can be traced down in their Salesforce. 

Especially with Salestrail's functionality to create leads from business cards and mobile phone's contacts, combined with its in-app dialer, measuring quality of trade shows and contribution of sales outreach can be centralized inside Salesforce. 

Using Salestrail has helped Vectra's sales teams to reduce enormous amount of manual admin work, while improving Salesforce data quality to make data-backed decisions to scale what works.

As Michael puts it, 
“If you are struggling to learn what activities your sales reps are taking, use Salestrail, it’s easy to use, and it gives you data to run your business."

Interested in boosting your sales performance with automatic call capture? Get a 5-day free trial with Salestrail - no credit card required.

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