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How Lyyti was able to acquire "full visibility" over their sales team

3/18/21 1:42 PM

About Lyyti

Lyyti is an event management software company producing, selling and supporting a web service called Lyyti. To date, over 100 000 events and 6 000 000 registrations have been organized with Lyyti.

Key benefits

  • Logging calls automatically to Salesforce
  • Drive activity
  • Full visibility over the sales team

The situation before

Lyyti Q1

Lyyti was looking for an easy and efficient way to track the number of outbound calls their salespeople were making. It was important to them that the amount of outbound calls were kept at a certain level, so that they could measure how many calls were needed in order to book a meeting, and how many were needed to close a deal. Logging all of their calls manually into their Salesforce everyday was challenging and they were in need of the possibility to track and update their sales activities on the go.

The situation after

Antti Heikkilä, Sales Director, believed that having “full visibility” over his sales team was imperative in order to succeed. However, to achieve such visibility, the gap between their Salesforce, their email accounts and their mobile activities had to be bridged.

Antti and his colleagues scheduled a demo of Salestrail and instantly liked how the interface was built, how the activities were logged automatically and how the user could easily create new tasks.

My first thought was that this app is awesome!”
– Antti Heikkilä, Sales Director

Lyyti Q2

Lyyti has now started to use Salestrail regularly. Heikkilä really appreciates the possibility to see how his salespeople communicate and interact with clients, accounts and opportunities. Writing effective emails is always important and in constant need of improvement. Now, Heikkilä is able to support his salespeople more constructively and efficiently with real feedback. In addition, Lyyti was finally able to acquire the “full visibility” over their sales team that they had been looking for.

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