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Airblack: How India's largest beauty learning platform 10x their revenue

Vy Dang
3/24/21 11:21 AM

Conquering the Indian market: one phone call at a time 

When you are trying to sell to a market with over 1 billion population, being on the phone is one of the most effective ways to cut through the noise. That’s what Airblack quickly realized at the early start of their business in 2019.

Airblack Q1-1

In fact, a large majority of India-based sales teams are call-heavy, making 10 to 15 calls on a daily basis. Even when presenting your lovely human voice to your prospects can give you an edge over scripted emails, there is a lot to be done to stand out from the competitors. For Airblack, it started with the realization that input tracking will be critical for their team growth, if they were to build their sales team remotely.

As the company learned about Salestrail’s automatic call capture solution, the manual way for call logging and reporting did not appear to make any sense anymore. Nilesh Raj, Business Manager at Airblack, shared more with us “Previously, we did not know the exact talk time a sales manager spent on the phone with our customers. Our customer base grew by 10x during the pandemic and the telesales team grew along similar lines. It was obvious that we just couldn’t continue logging calls manually anymore”.

_It’s not another tool that salespeople have to use. Even in a difficult time, a solution like Salestrail is critical to sales teams to keep track and stay focused._ 1

Talk time - The north star metric for sales call performance 

Live online makeup courses like Airblack’s are the first one in the Indian market. As a first mover, it is highly important that buyers are educated well. An Airblack student can choose to join live makeup tutorial sessions together with her chosen beauty expert, alongside with other peers from the comfort of their home.

Quality time, fun and a strong sense of connection is what lies at the heart of this fast-growing startup. Needless to say, one cannot really rush users into such heartfelt experiences. Ms. Kaur, Business Development Manager, who is leading a team of 11 sales reps shared with us how this unique characteristic influences the way her teams do sales calls.

“While there is a wide range of call performance metrics that we do track and monitor, the most important one for us is talk time. In fact, each of our sales reps has a daily goal to reach. And of course Salestrail makes arriving at that number and ensuring that we’re spending enough time with our users so easy.”

This quality-first approach has proved to work when Airblack has acquired over 10 000 paid students within months since its launch, with course completion rate at 80%.

Onwards and upwards 📈🚀

To date, Airblack has seen more than 50 000 hours spent learning on the platform. Taking the business to the next level requires optimized sales operations, Raj said. With Salestrail's high-quality data points, Airblack managing teams can easily set automatic warning triggers regarding important sales KPIs to alert sales managers in time with creating false alarms.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.52.03

Salestrail's customizable dashboard

About Airblack: 

  • Founded in 2019, Airblack is a learning platform focused on micro-entrepreneurs and creators.
  • They run Airblack Beauty Club, India's largest digital learning platform for anyone to launch their makeup and beauty business.  
  • Airblack has been using Salestrail since December 2020, with up to 6000 calls logged / user. 

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