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Salestrail in November: Lead suggestion feature, new UI homepage, and more!

Maria Sundström
11/13/19 10:28 AM

As we’re all fast approaching the last quarter of 2019, our development and product team have worked on more features you requested to power you through the final months.

Introducing the star of the month: Lead suggestion

Do you have all the most important info and contacts about your account in Salesforce?

smart reminders and suggestions-2

This month, we will start rolling out the lead suggestion feature that will suggest new leads to add in Salesforce. Using domain match feature, Salestrail automatically updates you on new potential contacts that show up in your email inbox. This feature integrates seamlessly with both Gmail and Outlook server.

Now your sales reps no longer have to go through their email inbox to create new leads and contacts.

A new UI homepage

Ever feel like there’s so much to do that you don’t know where to start?

Salestrail’s new homepage is now ready to help you start the day right. Once you open the app, you’ll instantly get an overview of your upcoming tasks, meetings and potential Salesforce lists. Plus a visual charts on your unlogged sales activities to keep your CRM fresh and clean.


Bulk load feature

You asked, and we’ve answered.

Not only can users now log emails automatically to Salesforce, but they can also view email history in one thread. This feature will keep you fully updated on the conversation to steer the deal forward.


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