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Salestrail in September: 7 new updates for remote sales team

Jolie Pham
9/7/21 4:33 PM

What do the post-pandemic workdays look like - back to the office, working from home or hybrid work?

As hybrid work quickly becomes the new normal, companies across the globe are building a future workplace, both physical and remote, to effectively manage employees’ performance and ensure a future hybrid workplace with wellness in mind.

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Innovative solution for the remote sales team

Sales calling is not as simple as picking up your phone and dialing a number. Especially for a remote sales team, it creates multiple challenges for team leaders when it comes to managing individual and the whole team performance.

Salestrail is a call activity logging app created by salespeople, for salespeople. You can access and connect real-time call data from the Salestrail dashboard to your CRM, along with other amazing features to set your sales team on board without any technical hassle.

Here’s a rundown of the new features post-summer you can now take advantage of for your sales team. 

Post-summer product updates:

🌟 Organization's settings for Owners

Owners can now disable the Untrack call feature for Users, along with other exclusive rights to adjust some calls and recording options from the Call Analytics dashboard.

🌟 New CRM integration with LeadSquared

If your company uses LeadSquared CRM, you can now enable the LeadSquared integration option so that all of your sales team's calls will be logged directly to LeadSquared. 


In addition, we added Async API as an option to log calls to LeadSquared.
Read more about the different between Normal and Async API here.

🌟 Push API integration for any CRMs

Good news! Salestrail can now automatically log calls to any CRM of your choice. Yes, you didn't hear it wrong! No matter what CRM you are using, all call data can be easily pushed to the CRM in just a few steps.

Ready to try?
Check out how to enable and implement the Push API integration here.

🌟 Import call recordings to CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, LeadSquared

We are excited to inform that you can now access call recordings from your CRM without any hassle. Recording links are now saved with the call data on Salesforce, LeadSquared and Hubspot.

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Ready to try? See instructions on how to import recordings to Salesforce, LeadSquared and Hubspot.

🌟 Adding note after Salesforce CRM-integrated calls

Our users who use Salesforce CRM can now add notes after each integrated call by dictating and/or Speech-to-text.

Ready to try? Read more about this cool feature here.

🌟 Track Whatsapp video calls on Android

If you are an Android user, you can track both WhatsApp voice video calls now 👏 easy and simple just like any other call. 

Ready to try? Start tracking your Whatsapp calls here.

🌟 Dashboard: Phonebook Name update

For Android users, we're able to display the contact name of a number saved on the device. In addition, this means that you can view the name of the person you called in your dashboard. 

Which of these updates will you be trying today? Make sure to install the latest Salestrail version.Request a demoFollow our social media channels to stay in the loop.

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