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5 Best Tips and Tools to Make The Most of Dreamforce 2019

Vy Dang
11/15/19 2:25 PM

It’s this time of the year for the members of the Trailblazer community - Dreamforce 2019. This year, 60,000 people are expected to travel and gather for the convention in San Francisco.

A little bit too many people to get to know, right? Whether you’re a Dreamforce veteran or a newbie, you’ll need some strategy for effective networking.

Here are some of our tips:

1. Know your goals and plan

Spanning 4 days packed with events, meetings and speaker’s sessions, you’ll soon either get lost or exhaust yourself.

Start with what you want to achieve out of Dreamforce. Are there any particular topics you would like to learn more about? Any particular speakers you would love to have a conversation with? Are you looking for any type of partnerships?

Once you’ve defined your key goals, take a look at the Dreamforce 2019’s agenda and prioritize activities that will help you reach these goals.

2. Download the Salesforce Events app

Now you’ve got a plan around Dreamforce 2019, it’s time to put it on your calendar and stick to it. Now you can download the Salesforce Events app to build your personal schedule, navigate the area, etc.

3. Block off time to catch up on tasks

Attending such a large event while trying to stay in touch with your team at home could be a challenge. There is always somebody to exchange contact or some kind of events to go to. Try to block some time off to work on your tasks or attend meetings that are important.

4. Automate your networking

Networking is an essential part of conference attendance. But with thousands of professionals in the same line of work, how could you keep track of every single one of them?

Install a business card scanner on your phone and check that it’s completely compatible with Salesforce. Who wants to scan all the cards you have collected just to find out that the info can’t be logged to Salesforce?

Salestrail business card scanner allows you to add new contact on different levels in Salesforce: account, opportunity, and lead. You can also add custom fields while you’re inputting the cards to the CRM, so that you’ll remember what type of coffee they are into :).

5. Have a follow-up plan

It’s so obvious but very often we forget to follow up, especially when you have a hectic schedule or urgent things pop up. The best way to minimize the risk of this, is to create task right away for email follow-up or block a calendar for lunch meeting. Do it while the lead is still warm and the relevant info is still fresh in your head.

With Salestrail’s business card scanner, right after you add the contact to your CRM, you can add notes, create a task or schedule a meeting with them in your calendar.

6. Be flexible and enjoy yourself :)

If you're travelling to attend the conference, chances are that unexpected little inconveniences may occur, plan might change. It might help then to adjust your plan accordingly and be open to new opportunities.

Have a great time!


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