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New Call Logging Solution Born Out of A Global Pandemic

Vy Dang
6/29/20 7:30 AM

The last few months have definitely been difficult for everyone, including us. It's been a roller-coaster where we first had to learn how to work remotely, and in the midst of a global pandemic, with the team spread out around the world, figure out what the influence of all this would be for our company.

From first deciding to cut costs drastically, we did a U-turn and decided to increase our development spend and hire a marketing agency. Here's how. 

It all started when we, at the outburst of the Coronavirus epidemic, noticed a surge of inbound leads looking to automate their sales activity logging.

As it appears, since quarantined sales leaders are learning how to manage their sales teams without physical presence, they are realising that the need for transparency, efficiency and data-driven insights doesn’t go away just because they suddenly find themselves working from home. If anything, this becomes even more important.

According to Google Trends, the search term for “Call Tracking Software” saw a spike by 300%, most noticeably in the Indian market.

After a short 4 weeks of POC and testing uncharted waters, we made the decision to launch a new product recalibrated to fit emerging needs of “the new normal”. 

Relaunching our call tracking app to fit remote sales

From previously only supporting clients using Salesforce we decided to change the app to support a broader customer segment – Any salesperson using a mobile phone for calling, regardless of whether they use a CRM or not. 

The new solution consists of an Android app (iOS to come later) that automatically logs business calls to an online dashboard, where sales and business leaders can follow their team's performance. Users can invite their team member's to use the solution and request to view their real-time call statistics. 

In a crisis, companies need to act fast and help remote teams - now working mostly on their mobile - to adapt to this new situation. However, most of the other activity logging solutions on the market are heavily focused on softphone solutions or CTI with cumbersome implementation. For certain markets, it increases their operating costs and IT maintenance.

One of the benefits of Salestrail is that it makes visualizing and measuring sales call performance a simple, straightforward process - everything takes under 1 minute. Others include increased transparency, time-saving and better possibilities to make data-driven decisions instantaneously.

Dashboard ( Personal Data )

Born out of a global crisis, this new version of Salestrail is centered on 3 primary elements: Easy to use, Cost-efficient and Quick. We want to help companies adapt to what is now the "new normal" by providing an affordable solution to visualize sales performance. 

Curious to try it out? 

  • 1-minute setup for both the Salestrail app and the Salestrail Dashboard:
    1. Log into either the Salestrail app or the Salestrail Dashboard 
    2. Invite your colleagues to download the app 
    3. Request to view your team's call activity 
    4. Voila! Start analyzing your call patterns now.
  • Full control over data sharing: You'll have full control over which data you share with your colleagues and can only view someone's call data with their permission.

salestrail - data sharing

  • Detailed call data points: The Salestrail Dashboard reports data points such as No. of Outbound / Inbound Calls, Call Duration, Number of Contact Attempts per Contact, etc. If you'd like to see more, let us know
  • No technical implementation, – No phone configuration, no sim-card changes and no changes in the way your sales reps work.  Just an app that you download and that will log your calls to the online dashboard. 
  • API integration:  If you'd like the call data to be tracked to your CRM, in addition to the Salestrail Online dashboard, reach out to us to use the Salestrail API. 
  • Pricing:
    • Free to download and use as single user
    • Only $2 per user whose call data you want to view in the dashboard

You can now download Salestrail and sign up in the Salestrail Dashboard to give it a try! 

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