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Automatically track sales activities to Salesforce®. No time wasted, no data lost.

  • Log calls, emails and meetings automatically
  • Use speech-to-text and workflows to capture additional data
  • Push everything to Salesforce and analyze

The No.1 Salesforce® call tracking solution for mobile calls.

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automatically track sales activities to Salesforce with mobile app

Automatically track calls, emails and events to Salesforce

How often are your sales reps on the phone with your clients? Are calls and emails being answered, followed up frequently enough? What is the current stage of the deal right now?

With connected Salesforce accounts, Salestrail provides sales leaders a real-time overview of your team's activities with an opportunity/ account. 

Track calls, emails and events to Salesforce

Log Mobile Calls

Salestrail automates Salesforce call tracking process, capturing call details: 

  • Outgoing / incoming calls 
  • Answered / unanswered calls 
  • Total call duration, etc.

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Log Emails

Have all your sales emails and their content from Google and Outlook in Salesforce instantly. What’s more? 

  • Lead suggestion based on domain match 
  • Get entire email history under one view

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Log Calendar Events

Never manually log your meetings in Salesforce again. Salestrail automatically syncs your Google or Outlook calendar with Salesforce, ensuring that all of your meetings and meeting details are tracked.

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Highly customizable for your sales processes

Every sales team has a unique workflow that works for their sales organization, their industry, their product.

Salestrail is highly customizable for you to capture meaningful sales data on selling activities, and improve transparency, visibility for your sales reps. Track your sales data to: 

  • Custom Salesforce objects
  • Custom forms and fields 
  • Custom Salesforce workflows 
Parts of Workflows

Business Card Scanner

Salestrail’s built-in card scanner makes lead creation and management effortless for sales reps always in the field. Add custom fields to your Salesforce contacts and capture the most important information in your CRM.  

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Custom Fields and Forms

Do you want to capture more data about your leads, opportunities or clients? Are there any sales practices you are trying to scale within your team?

Salestrail allows you to create additional fields and forms in the app to capture data that is valuable for your team.

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Salesforce Workflows

Decide what type of workflows you'd like to have after an answered call or a meeting with a potential lead. Custom workflows ensure that your sales team have a standardized and customized routines to hang on to.

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Caller ID

The Salesforce community is full of posts upvoting the Caller ID feature. And we got it! Stay professional and be well-prepared for your discussion with the potential buyers. Know who’s calling, history of activities and how to move the deal forward.

Caller ID

Add notes with voice

After each call you'll be able to quickly and effectively take notes on exactly what you discussed using speech-to-text. These notes automatically go to your Salesforce so that you and your team never lose track of what you have been discussing in each call.

Speech to text note taking

“Great app to regain control of your sales teams' sales pipeline. I use the data generated by the solution to better understand my overall sales pipeline development, improve forecasting and identify which opportunities aren't getting enough attention”

Einar Toivonen

Sales Director, KONE Corporation

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

No time wasted, no data lost - #1 sales call log app for Salesforce. 

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