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Automatically track and record mobile calls to Salesforce®. 

Salestrail is an easy-to-use solution for sales professionals to automatically log calls to Salesforce. Measure the efficiency of your call activity against Salesforce leads and contacts accurately and get data on metrics important to you.

  • A mobile app to auto-log SIM, Whatsapp and Whatsapp business calls to Salesforce
  • Call recording for Android, without the hassle of VOIP or CTI
  • A cloud-based analytics dashboard that shows call statistics
  • Push all calls to Salesforce and match with leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities

The No.1 Salesforce® call tracking solution for mobile calls.

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This is Salestrail

 Android and iOS app for tracking calls to Salesforce

No technical implementation - Start in less than 1 min

Affordable at 7$ per user per month

Track and record SIM calls to Salesforce
- No need fo VOIP

Analyze the data in Salesforce or use our customizable reports & charts

Push call data to Salesforce with our Salesforce integration 

How Salestrail's call tracking works for Salesforce

Connect to Salesforce in less than a minute

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Create a free account

on the Salestrail dashboard

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Connect to Salesforce

with just one click and have all your call data pushed to Salesforce

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Invite co-workers

and ensure they install the Salestrail app on their phones for automatic call tracking.

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Monitor call performance

Voila! Now you can easily keep track of your teams' call activity in Salesforce. All calls on mobile will be tracked, regardless of where they are initiated. 

Automatically track calls to Salesforce
- Without VOIP

Salestrail consists of an analytics dashboard and a mobile app and tracks calls to Salesforce. The benefit of using Salestrail is that you get data on call performance without your sales poeple having to spend time updating Salesforce.

  • Log incoming and outgoing SIM, Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business calls to Salesforce automatically
  • View call activity in the analytics dashboard or in Salesforce
  • Record phone calls (Android only) to Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Support for Dual SIM
  • Set up Business Hours

Salestrail works seamlessly on your Android and iOS smartphones. Automatic call logging keeps you well-updated with your call activity history and performance.
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Auto-Log Mobile Calls

Salestrail automates the Salesforce call tracking process, capturing call details:  

  • Outgoing / incoming calls 
  • Answered / unanswered calls 
  • Total call duration, etc.
  • Get entire call history under one view

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Record calls to Salesforce leads and contacts

Have all your important conversations with Salesforce leads and contacts recorded. 

  • Automatic and manual call recording for Android
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • All call recordings neatly stored in the analytics dashboard

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Analyze call performance

Salestrail automatically syncs your calls to a cloud-based analytics dashboard as well as to Salesforce, ensuring that all of your phone calls are tracked. The Salestrail Dashboard offers a wide range of metrics on your teams' call performance.


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Access every Salesforce lead or contact on your phone

The Salestrail application allows you to search for your Salesforce leads, contacts and account on your iOS and Android and click-to-dial. Reaching out to your customers have never been easier. 

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Access leads and contacts anywhere

“Great app to regain control of your sales teams' sales pipeline. I use the data generated by the solution to better understand my overall sales pipeline development, improve forecasting and identify which opportunities aren't getting enough attention”

Einar Toivonen

Sales Director, KONE Corporation

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective

No time wasted, no data lost - #1 sales call log app for Salesforce. 

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