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Analyze performance
– in Hubspot or in the cloud-based dashboard 

Track and compare the call performance of all your team members from a centralized cloud-based dashboard or use Hubspot reports.

  • Compare sales reps by your chosen call metrics: answered calls, outbound calls, etc
  • Gain insights into best times to call, most active calling time, best sales rep, 
  • Export call reports to Excel with advanced search and filters   

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A dashboard built by salespeople, for salespeople

Salestrail’s dashboard is designed to support any sales organizations - from multi-layered to a simple team. 

  • Create multiple teams and give data access to the right colleagues in your teams.
  • Analyze all calls made by your team or choose to include calls matched to your Hubspot data only.
  • Analyze and create call reports by teams/ sales rep easily.  
  • Search & listen to calls recorded by your teams.
  • User-friendly and intuitive sales call analytics dashboard

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Sales team management

Advanced search and filters

Check out the number of calls, call duration, missed calls, received calls on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Compare call performance by sales reps, teams and date. Set the call performance criteria you want for your teams  

Compare call statistics

Boost healthy competition with Salestrail’s call ranking chart

Who says working from home can't be fun?

Salestrail's custom charts lets your sales rep know their calling ranking compared to the entire teams.

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Competition among sales team

Get a real-time overview of each team member's call activity

Follow your teams’ calling activity from anywhere - the office, train or your sofa. Get early warning signs to make sure your teams are on track to achieving the target.

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