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Creative Ways to Use Screen Recorded Videos

12/6/21 8:33 PM

Screen-recorded videos are a great way to showcase your product or service. These are quick and easy ways to convey points without going into too much detail. When you have a lot of information about your product, it can be difficult for people to digest it all at once. Screen-recorded videos allow potential customers to skim the key points and get ideas for what you're offering. Marketing and sales are constantly changing with technology, so staying up to date is essential to today's success.

 If you're trying to improve your marketing game, you must know that making a video is the way to go. An easy way to get started with video production is to use screen recording. Video recorded on the screen is not only popular with marketers but also loved by viewers. Today, small and large scale companies and professionals are using video display statistics for content recorded on screens and uploading them on social media handles to enhance their brand awareness and to convert more leads into actual sales.

How to Screen Record Videos?

The videos recorded on the screen can be framed by using an effective screen recording program. You can edit the footage after it's been captured. You can follow relevant steps to track sales calls after adding highlights, titles, descriptions, annotations, animations, and so much more. Narration is added to the clip, and this is how you can complete the content.

An on-screen video is a recording of what you want to display on your screen through a web browser. You can create effective sales videos that show how easy it is to let your audience know how to use your product in less than two minutes. In short, it's an easy, convenient, hassle-free, and cost-effective way to record videos that don’t require expensive equipment or a lot of investment. Audiences are always looking for videos to know more about businesses, brands, and products before they make a purchase.

Advantages of Screen Recording Videos

1. Effective Communication

There is no need for contacting your prospective customers through cold communication methods like SMS emails or phone calls anymore. Screen recording videos are a faster and better method to get attention with your business video marketing.

2. Use Any Tab to start recording your screen

Screen-recording can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But you can use efficient online apps and professional expert services that allow you to record screens from any tab with a single click. You can also view specific tabs while recording a video.

3. Add Context

There is no doubt that videos are outperforming texts as a marketing strategy. How to Screen record videos that are easily created that can help you add better context in your video and then email it to prospects or circulate it on your YouTube channel, website, and social media handles.

4. Spread the word

Add a compelling message along with your screen-recorded videos at every stage of B2B sales and ensure success in the contemporary sales and marketing environment. Besides screen recording, you can share reviews, presentations, demos, product launches, and team updates using videos.

Creative Ways to Use Screen Recorded Videos for Your Business Marketing Campaigns

You can customize and personalize your screen recording to give your audience a more personal touch to key information related to your business. Let us look at some innovative ways to present your marketing style through screen recording videos:

1. Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are one of the best-selling tools when you have a high-quality product. You can create professional and enthusiastic demos and address specific issues related to your products.

These videos are a great solution if you want to make a big impression and provide an opportunity for prospects to see what it's like to use a product for themselves before learning from scratch about a product or business idea. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate relevant information to increase reliability and sales. While talking, record the screen and continue the conversation.

2. How-To Videos

They're a great way to explain complex processes in easy terms and help with day-to-day tasks. This type can educate customers and help them decide about their purchase or use of one product as compared to the other.

3. Interact with Key Influencers

Interviews with important influencers can be split into collaborations and live-streamed together. If you can't afford a face-to-face interview, you can use the best call recording software for screen-sharing to conduct a video call interview.

4. Product Reviews 

Another type of content that can be created using screen captures is product reviews or demonstrations. The purpose is to display different products, highlight their characteristics and talk about them. You can also talk about other services if you are in the same niche. You can compare products, highlight them, or talk about the best standard features.

5. Produce Informational Content

Customers are always interested in learning more about their products and recognizing good products. Educate them and make them smarter by doing video reviews of their products. However, when creating these videos, it's not just about talking about the benefits of these products. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses, and don't be prejudiced.

Create an educational video that shows how to deal with the technicality of a product. These videos are high in demand, and viewers are always looking for easier ways to understand them and save time. You can add tips and tricks to show you how to use different products step by step.

6. Going Live 

Live Streaming is becoming a popular trend on YouTube and is a great way to interact with your viewers in real-time, answer questions, and be yourself. These videos are usually over 30 minutes long, are fun to watch, and viewers simply love them. Live Streaming is a great way to show that you have a decent range of content, and you can make these posts viral. You can increase your marketing campaign by adding video content to these posts and reviewing their important information.

7. Converting Blogs into Videos 

You can improve your marketing efforts by including important information using videos around your written/typed blogs. These can be linked-to websites or embedded in social media to allow prospects to capture the context of the video while explaining the key points of the background.

You can use screen captures to include case study reports, tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes videos, highlights and discussions, and infographics. Screen recorded videos about entrepreneurship, business planning, and user education on industry best practices that usually work. You can also make a video about how your business started and what you needed to grow as it is today.


Visual content is constantly changing, and it's substantial to understand how people perceive it. Screen recorded videos are all about convenience and simplicity, which can be used in various ways to create engaging and impactful content. Screen captures can take your content to the next level and show your audience that you're doing your best.

These recordings improve the workflow of the business and the flow of content for those who create it and those who respond to it. Make sure you create an engaging video for all relevant platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and encourage potential customers to watch them from start to finish.

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