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Unveiling the Preference for GSM Calls Over VoIP for Sales Teams in India

Maria Sundström
9/29/23 2:55 PM

In the evolving landscape of sales, the communication tools you choose are crucial. In India, many sales teams are inclined towards utilizing GSM calls instead of VoIP. Let's look into the compelling reasons behind this preference, illuminating why GSM is the prime choice for sales calls.

Understanding the Terrain: GSM vs VoIP Before we elaborate, it’s essential to distinguish GSM from VoIP calls. GSM calls are regular cellular calls, synonymous with reliability and straightforwardness. On the other hand, VoIP calls require an internet connection, making them somewhat dependent and potentially unstable.

Why GSM Takes the Lead for Sales Teams in India

1. Unparalleled Reliability: GSM calls offer unrivalled reliability, essential for sales teams who can't afford to lose leads due to dropped or poor-quality calls, which is often the case with VoIP due to internet dependency.

2. Higher answering rates: GSM calls tend to have a much higher answering rate as people getting sales calls can spot a VOIP number. VOIP numbers are used by sales agents and hence people are reluctant towards answering.

3. No Dependency on Internet Connectivity: With GSM, sales agents aren't tethered to locations with stable internet. This freedom allows uninterrupted calling, essential for field agents and teams spread across different regions.

4. Clear Call Quality: GSM provides crystal clear call quality, ensuring that communication between sales agents and potential clients is seamless and professional, fostering positive impressions and effective communication.

5. Ease of Use: The simplicity and accessibility of GSM calls are unbeatable. There's no need for specialized equipment or applications; a mobile phone is all a sales agent requires to connect with leads.

6. Cost-Effective: In the long run, GSM proves to be cost-effective with various plans and options available tailored to different usage patterns, especially if you call within India's boarders. Unlike VoIP services that might incur additional data charges.

7. Efficient Tracking and Analytics: Modern solutions enable sales directors to effortlessly track and analyze GSM calls, empowering them with actionable insights into their team's performance and customer interactions, so the benefits of VOIP are not as evident anymore.

Conclusion: The GSM Advantage for Sales in India For sales teams in India, GSM calls encapsulate reliability, quality, and efficiency. With advanced tracking and analytics tools available, GSM becomes an invaluable asset for sales directors aiming for streamlined operations and success in the competitive market.

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