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VOIP vs POTS vs CTI: Which is the best for your business?

Vy Dang
5/3/21 11:05 PM

Traditionally, to make a call, business reps only need to hold their phone and start calling. However, together with the development of technology, more solutions for business calls come to the market, and new terms like VOIP, POTS, and CTI also pop up. Getting dizzy with those terms and don’t know which of these telephony systems would be beneficial for your company? 😵 Don’t worry, take a good look at our comprehensive infographic and we got you covered.


Now you understand all acronym meanings together with the advantages and disadvantages of all the three mentioned telephony systems. You can also check out our previous blog to see in-depth reviews of each provider mentioned in the infographic like Salestrail, Nextiva, and so on. 

The choice is yours. However, no matter what your budget allows or what your business needs, it is essential to keep track of call logs data as it can always help you to improve the sales skills and streamline your lead-qualification process. Still, worry if your investment in a call logging app is worth it? You can start your free trial here

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