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Salesforce® - Increasing user adoption

3/14/19 9:16 AM

The CRM market has been growing rapidly, and for organizations with more than a few sales people, it is almost impossible to imagine working without a CRM. The reasons behind implementing a CRM might vary, but from a sales perspective it often boils down to two issues: there is a need to gather all important customer data in one place and management has a need for visible and accurate, real-time pipeline information.

Salesforce® is the most commonly used CRM with more than 20% of the market share. Though the system is the top solution on the market it still often lacks when it comes to the two basic needs, collecting sales activity data and visualizing the data. Why? one might ask. For sales people the answer is evident. Entering data is tedious and time-consuming, it just takes too much time. From the perspective of a sales rep, the payoff is just not worth the effort.

Lack of time, lack of a good routine and lack of motivation, a fairly simple problem, yet one that not many organizations have managed to crack.

Salespeople enter only 20% of all their sales activities

According to several studies, salespeople enter only one fifth of all their client conversations to the Salesforce platform. Imagine the total cost that might arise due to the low user adoption. To name a few; missed revenue opportunities, poor customer service, costly inefficiencies and overlaps. Not to mention what happens if a sales rep resigns. But what most people don’t think of, is that also all sales analysis are lacking, as the company is missing around 80% of the data.

How to increase Salesforce® user adoption in your team

In order to increase Salesforce user adoption you need to make sure everyone understands the value of keeping track of activity and client data. Make sure your salespeople understand that Salesforce is a system that will help them perform and put an effort on getting your key players aboard. Build reports and dashboards and frequently pull out numbers and show your team. This will make them understand that it is important to keep the content in the Salesforce platform updated. Last but not least, make sure your sales team have access to Salesforce® at all times, especially from mobile devices. You might also want to consider connecting data entry to your reward-system. That will most likely lead to an increase in data logged, but you'll probably not reach 100%

Automating activity capture to the Salesforce platform

In order to have all sales activities in your Salesforce CRM, you need to automate the process of capturing data. Your sales reps will never remember to manually log everything. And they shouldn't have to. They should be focused on selling and not need to worry about logging every single call they make. The only way to reach 100% is to automate the process, to log all calls, emails and meetings automatically to the Salesforce platform. Luckily this is something you can do.

We've created a mobile app called Salestrail that automatically logs client calls and –emails, based on the phone numbers and email addresses in your Salesforce CRM. Salestrail runs in the background of the phone so that salespeople never have to worry about logging data themselves. In addition to this, the app will encourage sales reps to add comments after every phone call as well as to set up tasks for the future. Salespeople also have the possibility to add notes from calls and meetings by speech-to-text, so they don't even have to type.

So for those of you who's teams are using mobile phones for sales, and are tired of having poor data on sales activity, look no further. Book a demo with us and we can set up this solution for your company ASAP. 

All salespeople know that brain-dead feeling one gets when entering data into CRM.  Let them forget it. Our clients have. 

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