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The best mobile app for Salesforce® – Salestrail

3/7/19 3:56 PM

Hey! This is going to be our very first blog post on Salestrail, so I thought to myself, what better way to start it off than to answer the main question you are probably thinking to yourself right now.  “What exactly is Salestrail and how can I benefit from using it?” I'll keep it short and sweet, so you get a concise and quick overview of what we are all about. Let's start. :)

What is a Salestrail?

Salestrail is a mobile application that synchs to Salesforce, automatically logging all your sales activities from calls, emails and meetings. You can use it to keep your Salesforce up-to-date, add contacts and leads by scanning business cards and execute daily tasks effortlessly with the built-in personal sales assistant. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Salestrail is designed to save time, by freeing salespeople up from having to manually log all their sales activities. On average, Salestrail users save more than 30 minutes everyday, which allows them to spend more time with their clients and shift to a more laser focus on their sales.

How will Salestrail improve the quality of your Salesforce dashboards?

In addition to all of the amazing features Salestrail provides, the even more subtle and powerful benefit of our application is found in visualising sales activity data in your Salesforce dashboards. Once you begin implementing Salestrail as a surefire way to improve the quantity and quality of your sales data, the potential to how much value it can provide in terms of accurate and precise sales reports is all up to you. You will finally have the ability to create detailed overviews of exactly how your salespeople are performing. You will be able to discover the strongest and weakest aspects of your sales department by creating accurate sales reports. The analysed data can then be used to set goals and quotas, as well as mentor and guide your salespeople to a more effective and prosperous work ethic.

To sum up, Salestrail is a Salesforce mobile app designed to assist and boost your salespeople's performance, while improving the quantity and quality of the data on your Salesforce platform so that you can create powerfully accurate sales reports and end up on top.

With Salestrail you can:

  • Automatically log calls and emails to your Salesforce platform
  • Execute daily tasks promptly with the built-in personal sales assistant
  • Save your meetings and add notes by speech-to-text
  • Scan business cards and instantly update client information

With the Data you can:

  • Analyze your entire sales team
  • Discover the strongest and weakest aspects of your sales department
  • Create accurate performance reports
  • Use data to create sales goals, quotas and sales plans
  • Mentor and guide your salespeople with ease


If you’re ready to take your Salesforce platform to the next level, join us for a live product demo and we will walk you through our solution and answer any questions you have about Salestrail.


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