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The Best Non-VoIP Solution for Businesses in India: Salestrail

Maria Sundström
10/10/23 8:44 AM

In the dynamic business landscape of India, communication tools are essential for sales teams to connect with customers effectively. While VoIP systems have become popular worldwide, in India, businesses find more value in utilizing non-VoIP solutions, with Salestrail leading the pack.


Why Non-VoIP Over VoIP in India?

Reliability: Regular SIM/GSM calls provide more reliable service, especially in areas where internet connectivity is unstable. With non-VoIP, teams can make calls from anywhere without worrying about internet dependency.

Quality: GSM calls offer superior voice quality without latency issues, often experienced with VoIP calls due to bandwidth constraints.

Higher answering rates: Non-VoIP solutions tend to have a much higher answering rate as people getting sales calls can spot a VOIP number. People tend to be hesitant to answer calls from VOIP numbers, as they are commonly associated with spam calls.

Cost-Effective: With competitive mobile plans available, making calls via SIM/GSM often turns out to be more economical than relying on data-consuming VoIP services.

Introducing Salestrail – The Superior Non-VoIP Solution

Salestrail, an innovative app tailored for markets such as India, emerges as the ideal non-VoIP solution for businesses.

Automatic Call Logging: Salestrail automatically logs sales calls, providing a hassle-free experience for users who need to focus on selling rather than administrative tasks. Once it has been set up, the app operates seamlessly in the background of your mobile phone, automatically logging calls to a dashboard and your CRM without requiring any additional steps.

Performance Analytics: With a user-friendly dashboard, Salestrail offers insightful analytics on call performance, allowing sales leaders to make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

CRM Integration: Salestrail seamlessly integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce and others ensuring that every piece of valuable call data is captured and utilized efficiently.

Flexible and Adaptable: Salestrail is designed to adapt to the unique needs of sales teams in India, providing a customizable solution that grows with your business.

Why Salestrail for Your Business?

User-Centric Design: With a focus on simplicity and usability, Salestrail is crafted to be intuitive for sales representatives, reducing the learning curve and promoting adoption.

Support for GSM Calls: Salestrail specializes in tracking and analyzing regular SIM/GSM calls, making it the best tool for businesses that prefer non-VoIP communications.

Data Security: Prioritizing your data's security, Salestrail implements robust measures to ensure that your business’s sensitive information is protected.

Customer Support: At Salestrail, we take pride in our unmatched customer support. Our dedicated team is committed to helping your sales professionals effectively navigate and utilize our application, ensuring that you extract the utmost value from it. We're here to provide timely assistance, valuable insights, and seamless troubleshooting.


For businesses in India looking for a reliable, efficient, and secure non-VoIP solution for their sales teams, Salestrail is the unequivocal choice. Its suite of features, focus on GSM calls, and dedicated support make it the ideal partner for sales-driven organizations aiming to enhance their call tracking and analytics capabilities without the limitations of VoIP. Experience the best of non-VoIP solution with Salestrail.


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