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Automatically log your SIM & WhatsApp calls

Salestrail automatically logs the calls made with your SIM carrier and Whatsapp to any system you like - including a cloud-based dashboard.

Capture 100% of your call log data:

  • Type of calls: inbound & outbound, answered & unanswered, SIM & Whatsapp calls. 
  • Call duration: with accurate data on the time you spent talking on the phone, you'll know how long is too long. 
  • Call history: you can load your call history with our call log app, ensured that you have your call log backup.

#1 WhatsApp Call Tracking App for Salespeople

Log SIM and WhatsApp calls

Super-easy to use - made by salespeople, for salespeople

Salestrail is not a new tool you have to learn to use. Everything is made so that the calls are logged seamlessly - without you lifting a finger. 

With Salestrail's call log app, you can configure your app settings to only auto-track the calls you want. 

  • Set business hours for automatic call logging 
  • Mark your calls as private and they won’t be logged
  • View your call logs by date/ phone number 
  • Search and call contacts in your phonebook with the in-app dialer
  • Calls outside the app will be logged too - no need to adopt a new call routine 
  • Call recording for training purposes 
Mobile b2b application

Analyze calling activities easily - without VOIP implementation

Automatic call logging doesn’t have to be a hassle.  

  • Capture your client interactions on less traditional channel like Whatsapp 
  • No more manual logging in an Excel sheet 
  • Less time wasted - more talk time with your customers 
  • 100% accuracy - trustworthy data points for your business decisions


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