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How to Work  Effectively from Your Own Home?

Thuy Ho
4/21/21 9:30 AM

Let's be honest, working from home (WFH) will certainly become a norm post-COVID. Many giant firms like Twitter and Facebook have decided that their employees can work remotely permanently (Washington Post & India Times), what about yours? 

It is likely that many firms will allow their employees to WFH a few days a week, since it costs much less for everyone. Less traffic, less commune, less energy consumed, more personal space, more flexibility. WFH does sound like the perfect scenario to lots of people, but it could also be challenging for some. 

Working 5 days/week at your own home seems comfortable at first, but slowly, our brain will start associating "home" with "work", which can result in no office time boundaries and less social time (Very Well Health). Not only can your mental but also your physical health be compromised if you don't apply the needful changes to transform your home into a workplace. We have a few tips to share with you, and we hope you will benefit from them 😊

Tip #1: Rearrange your spaces

Do you live alone in a spacious apartment with many rooms or a humble studio? Maybe both you and your partner are now sharing the kitchen and your kids are at home entertaining around the house?

It's easy to have a study room if you have the space. However, if not, there might no transition from "work" to "home", so try your best to create it by:

  • Design a fixed place for work only. It could be a desk in your living room or in the kitchen, but make sure it is only used for work.
  • Make a time table so you can your partner can utilise your own work space at reasonable time without disturbing each other.
  • Once you're done with your work day, that's it! Go for a walk or invest in your hobby to unwind.

Tip #2: Make sure every effort counts!

Imagine this, you spent the whole day cold calling many potential prospects and you are very proud of your performance. At the end of your work day, you have to manually put in your call logs with every detail like duration, outcome of the calls, follow-up action, blah blah blah.

It can be so tiring! You don't want this, I don't want this, no one wants this. That's why there are tools to assist you work smarter like Salestrail. It will automatically track the details of your sales calls and store them safely on the Call Analytics dashboard, where you can see your cold call results and also create awesome reports.

Tip #3: Explore new habits that help you feel better

A new environment setting invites new routines to be established. Instead of dropping by your favourite coffee shop on the way to work, maybe try making your own coffee and make sure to fully enjoy it (coffee lovers know best!). Little things of joy matter! 

Tip #4: Stick to healthy habits

Be it a healthy diet or physical exercise, try your best to stick to those to keep both your mind and body in good shape. WFH gives you so much more time with yourself in your comfort place, take advantage of it! 

A healthy mind and a sound body will surely help you succeed at work and in life. The world is indeed changing every day, we need to quickly adapt. Don't let that stress you out though, there are always ways to work things out, take a deep breath and conquer your day!

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